Install Our Cable Rail Yourself or Contact an Experienced Expert to Install

Getting started:

  1. Draw a sketch of your deck and measure each side that will have cable railing
  2. Corners must have 2 posts (one on each side), each measuring 3.5” from center of post to outside corner of deck.
  3. Posts must be no more than 4 feet apart. So measure each side (from corner post to corner post) and divide by 4 to determine how many inches you need in between each post and placement of line posts.
  4. To determine the length of cable needed, add the lengths of each side of the deck. If the total length is less then 50 feet, one set of end posts will be sufficient. If it’s more than 50 ft, you will need an extra set of end posts and you can decide which corner(s) to put them.


1. Thread the cable into one terminal post and secure with a washer and nut.

2. Thread the free end of the cable through the other line posts and the terminal post at the other end. Secure with washer and nut.

3. Pull the cable tight so there is no slack and tighten the washer nuts to adjust tension.

4. Trim excess cable on the terminal posts.

5. Put the stainless steel Easy Connect fittings over the exposed ends of the fittings and nuts.